Get Ready For School With Kanken Backpack

Fjallraven’s iconic Kanken backpacks have come a long way. Fjallraven’s founder Ake Nordin created the iconic Kanken backpack in 1978 to tackle back problems surfacing in young school children. Kanken backpacks have plenty of room for books, paper and other school supplies tasked with designing. It’s really an affordable and functional backpack for school-aged boys and girls.

The Fjallraven Kanken classic backpacks for everyday uses durable, water-repellent Vinylon F fabric as the leather. It features several pockets that can hold everything you need. Additionally, there is a seat pad that aids posture and provides extra back support. Last but not the least, Kanken backpack has a big selection of nearly 60 different color combinations. You can customize Fjallraven Kanken backpacks and accessories for yourself.

The Kanken backpack features two carry handles on the top. They are pretty useful and actually make the pack slightly more versatile – if you want to use it for travel or just as an everyday backpack, these help a lot. Especially when you don’t really fully pack it.

Fjallraven Kanken for school

Since the original Kanken, the Kanken family has added the Kanken sling bag, Kanken Laptop and tablet cases, Kanken gear bags, a Kanken messenger, a Kanken organizer, and even a Kanken pencil case. Fjallraven Kanken mini features adapted shoulder and chest straps to accommodate small children, while Fjallraven Kanken 15 laptop backpack includes a secure and padded pocket for laptop computers and tablets.


Fjallraven Kanken pencil case for school

If you don’t have a Kanken pencil case, pens are always rolling around in pack and you could never get to one when you needed it. It’s useful for you to purchase a Fjallraven Kanken pencil case to keep pens together.  It is able to fit around 10 pens inside. The color is bright so it’s easy to spot inside pack. You also experimented with it, took pens out and eye glasses in. Now, you have a water resistant pen case that doubles as a glasses case too!

Fjallraven Kanken lunch box for school

Kanken Mini Cooler is just as suitable for picnics as for school lunchboxes.  It helps keep drinks cold or food warm. Because of the hardwearing fabric with foam padding. So that you don’t worry about food’s temperature. Fjallraven Kanken lunch box for school can keep hot contents hot and cold contents cold. It’s also easily  to wipe clean lunch box  inside.

A more unique and creative person owns one of these backpacks. About 90% of the owners of these bags can’t pronounce the actual name and definitely abbreviate the name when people ask what type of bag it is. People with these bags have color coordinated notebooks and always have extra sticky notes and pencils.

Stay beautiful for Fjallraven Kanken

In order to make sure that Fjallraven Kanken will always be ready for use, you should always be reminded to keep it properly stored. Keep it in its special box and store it in a spot where your kids can see it. If you plan to give Fjallraven Kanken as a gift, you should really store it carefully and securely so your gift will last long. You can also add some papers and some markers so that your child will have something to do with when he or she sees the pencil case. Just always remember that Fjallraven Kanken is not meant for children only.

In order for Fjallraven Kanken to stay beautiful and to last for a long time, you should keep it away from water and soap liquid. If you kids are playing with water and soap, you should really wipe them off before putting the Fjallraven Kanken in its box. This would help your Fjallraven Kanken to last a lifetime. You should also avoid placing your Fjallraven Kanken in plastic bags and wrapping it with newspaper.