Kanken Art Backpack – Unique and Stylish

Kanken Art Mini backpack

The Kanken Art backpack is a practical and unique new mini-purse. It is made from G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco S, and has special edition with a unique graphic print. A removable seat pad, front pocket, pliant shoulder straps and handles at the top- just like all Kanken backpacks. The front pocket has a coin pouch and a zippered pocket with a coin clip – perfect for keeping your credit card, passport and ID card.

Kanken Art

Kanken art backpack
Since 2017, when Kanken was named craft art by The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design, Fjallraven has worked together with Swedish artists to create unique and limited editions of the iconic Kanken backpacks and accessories. They asked the illustrators to use the as their canvas and express their bond with nature. Kanken Art was born!

The Kanken Art backpack has been designed to be worn as a casual daypack or overnight bag. Fjallraven has worked together with Moa Hoff, an illustrator from Stockholm, Sweden. She created a beautiful handmade pattern, inspired by her own memories in nature. In this short video, Moa Hoff explains her relationship with Kanken and how she came up with this design. You can find all the information on Moa Hoff, her love for Kanken and the creation of this unique en experimental design here.

This unique back pack features the Kanken Art design that has become so popular with female designers. The front pockets are organized by line or by color, and include a pen holder, business card holder, a phone compartment and a coin pocket. The inside of this practical garment pocket has been designed with Kanken Art’s “G-1000 Heavy Duty” embroidery. A zippered interior pocket and key chain holder help to keep your belongings organized. The front flap of this Kanken art backpack has been embellished with a rhinestone stud, and a front slip pocket with a snap closure is also included.

Unique to this type of art backpack is the removable seat pad. This padded compartment helps to ensure that the bag’s contents don’t fall out. It has velcro straps and a strong clasps to securely hold everything in place. The removable seat pad can be removed and washed as necessary.

Unique Kanken art backpack

Kanken Art’s rhinestone detailing on the bag is highlighted by the silver plating around the handles of each compartment. These metal handles are very attractive and give the bag a stylish appearance. On the outside of the Kanken Art backpack, you will find their exclusive slip on tongue, which allows you to easily determine which compartment your bag will be stored in. This handy feature keeps all of your stuff organized and easy to find. The custom leather stitching is soft and long lasting, ensuring that you enjoy the bag for many years.

Kanken Art’s customized strap makes transporting this bag easy. If you are looking for a high-tech, hard-carry bag, this is not it. However, if you like to mix business with pleasure and travel with style, you will definitely appreciate the combination of leather and custom leather work that this bag has to offer. The black leather and red accent stitching is quite noticeable and adds to the unique look of this handbag.

Besides the fact that you’ll buy a unique piece of wearable art, there is another reason to invest in the Kanken Art collection. If you buy a Kanken Art backpack, travel wallet, pen case, toiletry bag or card wallet, a percentage of the sale will go directly to the Arctic Fox Initiative. That way, you give back to nature, which we all love so much!

Kanken Art backpack during travel

Although the was originally designed for school, it’s usable for any purpose. We love them for travel! They are extremely lightweight, durable, perfect for carry on and of course, they look good. As from now, our Kanken backpacks come along with us wherever we go.

We have a Fjallraven and Kanken Art mini bag for our girls. Our girls have been so happy with their little backpack. Like almost all kids, they love to pack and carry their own stuff. The has been the perfect size for them. Not too small, so they can take what they want, but not too big either, which means it doesn’t get too heavy. When we go for a walk, it fits a water bottle, some explorer gear and an extra sweater.

Kanken Art also offers a choice of large size custom leather backpacks. Their larger sized bags are designed to carry more items, such as books or notebooks, and to accommodate the expanding arms of a larger person. The main compartment of these bags is oversized to hold all of your belongings, while still allowing you to have room left for accessories and more compartments. This type of bag allows you to enjoy the benefits of both a book bag and a traditional backpack. Kanken Art offers many different designs to choose from, making their products flexible and truly adaptable to every lifestyle. So, if you have always wanted a classy designer bag, without sacrificing function, Kanken Art has the answer.