Kanken Backpacks – Perfect for Kids

Kanken Backpacks - Perfect for Kids

4 Kanken backpacks perfect for kids

Fjallraven Kanken is becoming one of the most popular kid’s backpack brand. The makers of Kanken backpacks have put together an affordable product for kids that can stand up to everything from rough play to everyday use. In this review I want to take a closer look at this cool backpack brand. Therefore, we can figure out if Kanken blue ridge is right for your kids.

Unique Styles of Kanken Backpacks

Kanken backpacks are popular for their unique style of kids’ backpacks. Their kids backpacks apply a sturdy material – Durofold. Durofold is a material made by Utama under tough circumstances. The Durofold material has been used in military packs all over the world because it is extremely strong and durable.  So it is also ideal for kids’ backpacks and other products.

Structure of Kanken Backpacks

A quick look at the kids backpack reveals what makes Kanken different from other kids’ backpacks. The front of the Kanken mini pink is covered with Velcro. When you open up the front of the pack you get access to the organizer pocket. The pockets have both internal and external compartments so you can organize your stuff into neat bundles. For added organization you can also add a bike mount or shoe rack.

Suitable for All Seasons and Occasions

 Kanken mini frost green
Kanken mini frost green

Kanken backpacks are made for all seasons. You can take them on the go or dress them up for a night on the town. Kanken keeps things simple and the accessories simple too. This is one of the main reasons why Kanken has become so popular. They make backpacks that work for boys and girls, for active teens and kids, and for young adults. Kanken knows that each kid is different and that is why they make backpacks that are specific to their needs.

If you want to buy a Kanken pack you should consider what you will be using it for. Are you going on a family camping trip? Would you like to give your son or daughter a Fjallraven Kanken graphite that is functional but has a colorful and fun design? Or would you like something that you can use every day in school?

Kanken – Kids’ favorite

If you are thinking of buying a Kanken pack you need to know a little bit more about them. Kanken designs come in many different styles and colors, so you are sure to find a pack that is suitable for your child’s personality and needs. Since these backpacks fit to many kids of different ages, there is no reason that your youngster will not love to have one. They are stylish and have cute prints, which your youngster can show off to their friends. Since kids like to collect and put everything they can into their backpacks, you can expect that one day, your son or daughter will ask you where you got this great new pack.

Kanken: NOT Just for School

Kanken makes backpacks that are suitable for school-going kids as well as those who just want to have something fun to take anywhere. You can choose Kanken mini black, or you can choose Kanken mini frost green. If you want to keep all of your kids’ things organized, then you should go with the bigger pack. This way, you can store Fjallraven Kanken card wallet, snacks, pencil case, extra clothes and so much more. Since it is suitable for all ages, you won’t have any problem giving it to your youngster either.

 Fjallraven Kanken graphite
Fjallraven Kanken graphite

Find the Right Size for Your Kid

Kanken makes their packs in three different sizes so you will have no trouble finding the right size for your child. They also offer parents Fjallraven Kanken coupons. Since the Special pack is more designed for active kids, parents who are worried about their children’s safety will buy this. Kanken also provides storage compartments which are big enough to store many items for your kid.